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12/27/17, We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season thus far with time spent with family and friends!

This is just a reminder that we will not be running/jogging/walking this coming Monday 1/1/2018 as it is New Year's Day. Gosh! Another year gone by! Please enjoy and have a safe holiday!

12/24/17, Merry Christmas everyone!

12/20/17, Remember that we won't be running on Christmas or New Year's Day as those fall on Monday this year. Have a wonderful holiday season!

10/30/17, See you tonight at 6 for our costume run! We will have some special treats! Hot apple cider, Nothing Bundt cakes, candy from Rocket Fizz and doggy treats from Petco! So excited to see all the costumes!

10/23/17, Be sure to join us next week for our costume run! We will have some special treats! Hot apple cider, Nothing Bundt cakes and doggy treats from Petco! So excited to see all the costumes!

8/28/17, What a beautiful weekend we had! A bit cooler today for the run tonight.

Also a reminder that we do not run on Mondays that are holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day.  If you still want to come run the route, be our guest!  We will be happy to add your run to your count the following week.  Have a safe a fun-filled Labor Day weekend!

Be sure to check out our discounts page-
10% off at CRC
Il Vicino- buy one entree, get one free.
Pita Pit- buy one pita, get one free.
Hacienda Colorado- 10% off
Noodles- 15% off
and more!

8/21/17, With a forecast of 77 and sunny, who wouldn't come run/jog/walk with us tonight!

Stop by fab'rik and check out their new styles and 20% off a single item, CRC offers 10% off your purchase and Il Vicino BOGO entrees!

8/7/17, AAAGH!  All this rain!  Come prepared with your rain gear!

Don't forget about some of the restaurants at UVC that offer UVC Running Club members discounts on Monday nights- BJ's, Hacienda Colorado, Il Vicino, Pita Pit, Noodles and Smashburger.  You need to have your hand stamped at check-in so they know you are a member to receive the discount.

7/17/17, If you haven't check out the discounts offered to you as  member of the UVC Running Club on Monday nights, you should do so!  Just click on the discounts page, or click here!

7/10/17 Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!  Looking forward to tonight's run- see you at 6pm!

5/1/17, If you haven't gotten your 10th run shirt- don't forget to do so!  We have many sizes available at The Colorado Running Company for you to choose from.  

Also- check out the discounts offered to UVC Running Club members on our discounts page!

4/24/17, Are you at or near 100 runs and haven't gotten your 100th run shirt yet?? I need your size! There are samples at The Colorado Running Company that you can try on for both men and women. They tend to run large. I will be placing an order soon. They are a really nice long sleeve, embroidered sports shirt that is no cost to you!

Congrats on your 100 runs!

4/3/17, Looks like rain/snow tonight, but don't let that stop you! Get your rain gear going! We SOOO need the moisture.

3/28/17, Colorado Springs Marathon is giving UVC Running Club members a discount for registration!
Register now for 20% off. Use code UVCRunCSM17.

2/20/17, Beautiful day for a run/jog/walk! Don't forget to get your 10th run shirts if you are at that number! They are at The Colorado Running Company ready and waiting! See you tonight at 6pm-

2/13/17, We have several members reaching 100 runs with us!  Once you hit your 100 runs, we give you a really nice long-sleeved embroidered shirt with our logo and ist also says 100 runs! Size samples are available at CRC for your order.

1/2/17, Happy New Year all! Today is our first run of the new year! Any of you stepping up your fitness game for the New Year, or just after the holidays where we eat/drink more than we might normally? I know I am! This is a great first step- more power to ya!

Don't forget to get your 10th run shirts if you are at 10 runs.

If you are at or nearing 100 runs, we are taking orders for our 100th run long sleeve fleece embroidered shirts. I need at least 10 to place an order. There are sizes for you to try on at The Colorado Running Company

We do have 2 members that are currently over 200 runs. Amy Batson and Doug B! What an accomplishment!

See you all tonight!

12/5/16, Beautiful day today!  Beats the cold temps we have been having!

Be sure to ask for your 10th run shirt at check-in if you have reached that number of runs recently.

11/14/16, Regular run tonight- and don't forget about Ladies' Night at CRC tomorrow starting at 7:00pm.  check out info here, on their event page on FB. 

11/7/16, We had a fun run last week with everyone dressed in costume!  Check out our Facebook page for photos.

Congrats to those that have hit their 10th run with us - don't forget to get your free UVC Running Club T-shirt!

Congrats to both Randy and Brian for attaining their 100th runs on the Halloween Run!

10/31/16,  So excited to see all of the great costume's tonight at our Halloween Run with The Colorado Running Company! Treats and prizes coming your way for best costume, best pet costume and best Zombie costume! See you tonight at 6pm!

10/10/16, Coming up!  Halloween Run Monday night October 31st at 6:00pm!  Come run with us and the Colorado Running Company and show off your bestest, cutest, scariest costumes!  Costume contest- best costume wins a pair of Saucony running shoes, best dog costume wins a gift card to Petco, best zombie costume wins a CRC t-shirt! You must run the 5k to be eligible for prizes. Good eats, too!  pumpkin spice everything and Nothing Bundt Cakes too!  See you there!

9/19/16, Got some more summer like weather today! Gotta love Colorado-
Come run with us tonight and don't forget your 10th run t-shirts! We have 2 members who just passed 200 runs with us recently and several more at 100+. 100+ members get a special embroidered LS shirt. Be sure to let us know when you have hit your 100th!

9/12/16, Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend!  If anyone ran on Monday, just let us know and we will include that in your count.  Don't forget to get your 10th run t-shirt- you've earned it!  Thanks for being a member!

9/2/16, We don't run on Mondays that are holidays - so we aren't running this coming Monday in observance of Labor Day.  If you decide to come out and walk/jog/run anyway, just let us know the next Monday and we would be happy to add it to your count.  Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

Don't forget to get your 10th run t-shirts when you've gotten 10 runs!  You've earned it!

5/28/16, We don't run on Mondays that are holidays- so we aren't running this coming Monday in observance of Memorial Day.  If you decide to come out and walk/jog/run anyway, just let us know the next Monday and we would be happy to add it to your count.  Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

5/23/16, In consideration of our finicky Colorado weather to include those late afternoon thunderstorms, we will have our check-in at The Colorado Running Company full time, not just during the winter. Then there is no confusion on where check-in will be, you know it is at CRC! So, no longer will we have check-in in the North Plaza.

Starting today!!

5/16/16, We will have check-in tonight INSIDE at The Colorado Running Company due to the uncertainty of the weather. We ARE still running, so don your rain gear and come on out!!

5/9/16, Just a reminder that we DO NOT run on Mondays that are holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, etc.  We do still run on Mondays that are president's days.  So, we won't br running Memorial Day which is May 30th this year.

Matt from Big Dog Brag will be out taking registrations.

Don't forget to get your 10th run shirt if you are at 10 runs! You also get a certificate from Kineo Fit for one free month of UNLIMITED training sessions! Thanks Kineo!  See you at tonight's run!

5/2/16, So much happier with today's weather! Don't forget we are back outside for check-in at the North Plaza between Hacienda Colorado and Smashburger! See you tonight!

4/25/16, Looks like better weather today! We will be outside for check-in at the North Plaza between Hacienda Colorado and Smashburger. See you tonight at 6pm!

4/18/16, While hoping for a warming trend, doesn't look like that is going to happen today!  We will hold off on going back outside today and wait until hopefully better weather next week.  Still at CRC tonight for check in!

4/11/18, Just a quick reminder - our first day back outside for check-in is Monday, April 18th.  That is NEXT week.  We will head back out to the North Plaza between Hacienda Colorado and Smashburger.

FYI- that is also where the shopping center hosts their UVC FREE Summber Concert Series.  They are currently finalizing their line-up and will post that to the UVC website in a week or so when finished.  Be on the look-out!  It is going to be a great summer of music and fun!

3/14/16, Happy Monday!  Anyone else have a hard time waking up this morning with the time change??  It is a beautiful day! 

We have a special invitation from fab'rik at UVC!  They would like us to come party with them- they supply the beer and wine + 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!  It is next Monday, 3/21/16 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. In order to host this party, they need 10 or more people to sign up, so please RSVP early so they will be expecting you!  They are located right across the parking lot from The Colorado Running Company.

3/7/16, Whew it is quite windy this morning! Be sure to wear your windbreakers tonight!  Don't forget to get your 10th run shirts if you are at 10 runs- you also get one free month of unlimited training classes at Kineo Fit Group Training Studio.  They could likely help with your training and/or weight loss goals!  They really are fun classes! 

See you tonight at 6pm for check-in at The Colorado Running Company!

2/29/16,  Looking forward to our run tonight!  Also, we have our UVC Running Club t-shirts in women's size small now- they will be there by the run tonight for anyone needing one to pick up.

And all of our 100th run members--  don't forget we have size samples in to try on to place your order for your 100th run shirt. Once we have an order put together, we will get them embroidered and get them to you-  and best yet, they're on us!!

2/22/16, Not sure what the weather will bring this evening, but don't let the threat of some possible showers disrupt your routine- bundle up and come on out! See you at The Colorado Running Company at 6pm!

***We have size samples in for our 100th run members to try on at CRC.  They are a nice long sleeved performance material that will be embroidered with our logo and "100 Runs".  Once we have orders from our 100th run members, we will place and order and get them to you right away.  And best yet-  They are on us!  No need to purchase them yourselves.

2/8/16, Hello friends!  We will be running tonight as usual!  See you for check in at the Colorado Running Company at 6pm.  Perhaps you can get your shoes screwed while you are there for safer winter running!  Ask them...

2/1/16,  Due to today's weather and the forecast for continued snow, we are canceling tonight's run.  Stay safe, stay warm and see you next week!

1/25/16,  So, we have our 100th run shirts on order for sizing. We will be in touch with those of you who are already at 100 runs and need your shirt- and guess what? - it's on us! 
We will email you individually soon also-
Congrats to our latest 100th run members:
Janice & John O'Donnell
Tim and Karen Barry
Emma & Ed Baca
Steve & Lori Youngstrom
Schon Huntington

1/25/16, Happy Monday everyone!
Thought we were waking up to snow, but I guess perhaps it passed us by. Stop by The Colorado Running Company and get your shoes screwed!  It is like studs for your tires, but screws for your shoes- provides for safe trail running!

See you tonight at 6!

1/18/16, No school today for Martin Luther King day, but we're still running!  See you at 6pm at The Colorado Running Company!

1/4/16, Welcome to the New Year! Kick it off right by joining us tonight for a run! We'll be at The Colorado Running Company at 6:00pm for check-in!

12/21/15,  I know this is a super busy time of year, and an especially busy week- we will still be running tonight! Maybe Santa will stop by and say HI! Perhaps you can pick up a last minute Christmas gift and use your discount from The Colorado Running Company, too!

12/7/14, Don't forget to take advantage of the discounts offered to our run club members! There is a new discount being offered on Mondays from the newest store to join UVC - fab'rik. They are new to Colorado Springs and are a women's clothing boutique without outrageous prices.  They are offering 20% off a single item for members on Mondays.

11/30/15, Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Come run off some of that turkey that is lingering!  Chilly, chilly day today! We will be having our normal run. When you go to check in at The Colorado Running Company, check out their warm running/jogging/walking gear to keep warm!

11/16/15, Don't forget - we're joining forces tonight to get Amy to Boston! 50% of your registration to the Chasing Santa 5K will go to Amy's expenses as well as a The Colorado Running Company donating 5% of their sales tonight from 4-7pm!

11/13/15, Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Just a little reminder that Pharis, with The Chasing Santa 5K, will be at the run this coming Monday and will be donating 50% of each registration to friend and member, Amy Batson, for her travel expenses to the next Boston Marathon! What a generous offer! So please come Monday and sign up for the Chasing Santa 5K in support of Amy and her quest of the Boston Marathon!

11/11/15, Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to those who help protect our country then and now!

11/4/15, We have a new offer from the folks at Kineo Fit!  For those who attain their 10th run from now on with us, they are offering one free unlimited month of membership at their group training studio!  That month membership must be activated within 30 days of your 10th run.  We will also email you to let you know of the offer.  Not only that, but they are offering that retro-actively to those who already attained their 10th run during the month of October 2015.

For the rest of our members, don't forget about the standing discount for our members of your 1st week free -and- 50% off your first month membership.  Still a really great offer!

11/2/15, We are back inside for the winter beginning tonight.  The Colorado Running Company will host us for check-in during the winter in their store.

10/26/15, Update to previous post-  Looks like rain showers are coming this afternoon- we will plan on checking in for the Costume Run tonight inside at The Colorado Running Company.

10/26/15,  Costume run tonight!  We will be having special treats as well:  Hot apple cider, bagels from Panera, candies from Rocket Fizz and doggy treats from Petco.  The weather looks iffy for this afternoon- rain!  So, check back later to be sure we haven't moved inside to CRC (Colorado Running Company). Or, if we aren't in the Plaza, that is where we will be!!

10/19/15, Normal run this week.  But next week, we will be having our Halloween run Monday, October 26th.  Same time and place - in the North Plaza by Hacienda Colorado.  We will have hot apple cider and other snacks.  Some Scooby Snacks for our 4-legged friends also!

10/12/15, Beautiful fall day!  Have you decided what to wear for our Halloween run Monday, October 26th??

10/5/15, Fall is definitely in the air! Feels good!
We will continue running outside from the North Plaza by Hacienda Colorado until the time changes over Halloween weekend. Then we will move inside for check-in to The Colorado Running Company that following Monday, 11/2.
Speaking of Halloween, have you decided what to wear for our Halloween run, Monday, 10/26???

9/28/15, Incredible lunar eclipse and blood moon last night!
So, for tonight, we have Jess with Trek the Trail, a trail run at UCCS with info on their run, as well as Chris from Max Muscle. 
Not too late to sign up to help with Creek Week Cleanup this coming Saturday and Sunday. See our Facebook posting for more info.
See you tonight!

9/21/15, Happy Monday!  Next week is Creek Week Cleanup week.  I will be posting some information with some dates in which we can participate in cleaning up the creek along the trail that we all run every Monday.  For those interested, I will be posting some additional info soon both here and on our Facebook page as well.  It would be really great if we could combine efforts in keeping our beautiful city and creeks beautiful!  Thanks in advance for your efforts!

9/14/15, Welcome back from a week off for Labor Day weekend!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Dave will be here today with info on a 5K to benefit military suicide prevention. (September is military suicide prevention month).  Race on Saturday, September 19 at Red Leg Brewing Company.  $25 includes a pint glass and beer!

Kimberly will be out today with info on Tour de Cure.

We have some members hitting some milestones with their run counts!
Amy Batson takes the lead with 167 with Doug Bray close on her heels with 164! 
Other 100+ members include: the O'Donnells, the Youngstroms, the Bacas and Tim Barry. Coming up to 100 quickly are Schon Huntington and Karen Barry.  Tonight will be 90 for Mark Good, and 50 for Cindy Joos, Marcie Eastwood and Nelson Tomas!  Great job guys!  Keep up the good work and commitment!

8/31/15, Hope to see you all tonight for our run at 6:00pm! Kimberly with Tour de Cure and Chris from the Vet next door will both be there tonight with info on their upcoming runs.  Remember, we don't run next Monday, Labor Day.  If you choose to come run anyway, more power to ya!  Just let us know the following week and we will be happy to add a run to your count!  Enjoy your weekend!

8/24/15, Normal run tonight at 6pm in the plaza. 
Just a reminder that we do NOT run on Mondays that are holidays, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, so we will not be running on Monday 9/7/15.
Enjoy your upcoming Holiday weekend!

Also, big congrats to Amy Batson and Juli Williams, two of our members who ran the Ascent!  We posted some photos on Facebook for you to view.  Congrats girls!

8/10/15, Happy Monday!  The forecast isn't looking so great- we are just going to say inside check-in at The Colorado Running Company right now.  Bring your rain gear just in case!!

7/6/15, Well, looks like it may be raining by check-in time. CRC will decide if they will do check-in outside or in. We will try and post again later to let you know. It looks like a good bet it will be indoors.

We have a new addition to our discounts!  Locals Barbershop is offering 10% off a cut Monday-Wednesday!  Thanks Locals!

6/29/15, Love this weather- and a bit cooler, too! The Colorado Running Company is handling check-in for us, as usual. Don't forget to take advantage of the discount they offer to our members! See you tonight at 6pm!

6/22/15, Beautiful Colorado day!  Lots of sunshine, warm and no rain- yeah!  See you tonight at 6pm!

6/15/15, At this point, it looks like we will probably be doing check-in outside today!  See you soon!

6/8/15,  Looks like it is going to be a great day today!  We do have some disappointing news, however, Chipotle will not be able to offer the Buy One Burrito, Get One Free any longer.  While we are very saddened, we certainly appreciate their having offered it to us thus far- thanks Chipotle!  See you tonight for check-in at 6pm.

5/29/15,  Just want to give a big shout out to our military, both active and veterans, for what you do or have do for our country!  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!  Normal run coming up on Monday.  Clint will be there taking registrations for a 1/2 marathon as well as Chris for the Doggie Dash 5K to benefit All Breeds Dog Rescue.  If it is raining, check-in will be inside at The Colorado Running Company.  Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

5/24/15, Just a reminder that we do not run on Mondays that are holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Christmas and New Year's.  If you are around and run, just let us know at the next run or shoot us an email and we will gladly add that to your count.  Have a fun and safe Memorial Day!

5/18/15, Well, the forecast doesn't look so hot- rainy, in fact. We will still run/jog/walk- but check-in will be at The The Colorado Running Company. Out in your rain gear...I know you haven't had a chance to out it away yet! So much rain this spring!! At least it reduces the fire danger! 😀  Also- Tonight is Chipotle night!

5/11/15, Looks like we finally have some reprieve from the rain/snow/hail today!  Check-in in the North Plaza- see you tonight!

5/4/15, Looks like the same for tonight as last week.  Forecast is calling for some showers.  Ended up doing check-in at CRC last week, probably will tonight, too.  Again, don your rain gear- a little rain won't hurt!

Also- Emma B. hit 100 runs with us last week - Way to go Emma!!

4/27/15, If it is raining tonight, we will do check-in at CRC, if it is NOT raining, we will be in the North Plaza.  I would bring some rain gear just in case!!

Reach Your Peak 5K to benefit Junior League will be there tonight taking registrations as will Run to the Shrine to benefit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

4/20/15,  First day back outside for check-in for the spring/summer!  CRC will be in the North Plaza (between Hacienda Colorado and Smashburger) for check-in at 6:00pm.  Tonight is also Chipotle night!  Buy one burrito or bowl, get one FREE!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will also be out tonight promoting and taking registrations for the Run to the Shrine event (5K and 10K run/walk) which is Saturday, May 16.

4/13/15, Don't forget that we will be heading back outside for check-in NEXT Monday, 4/20/15.  See you at 6:00 at The Colorado Running Company!

4/6/15, Come run with us tonight! Don't run? Come walk with us! Check-in tonight at The Colorado Running Company beginning at 5:30.

We will be heading back outside for check in on Monday, April 20th. Back to the North Plaza by Hacienda Colorado.

3/30/15,  John O. and his wife Janice are at 100 runs now!  Congrats!!  Steve and Lori Y. are up next with 99 and 98 runs accordingly.  Edward and Emma B. are both hot on their heels! Hope to see you all tonight!

3/23/15, Happy spring break everyone!  Those of you with children are relegated to the school schedule for your vacations.  Safe travels to those who will be out of town!  We'll see the rest of you tonight!

3/16/15, Guess what?? Tonight is Chipotle Mexican Grill night after the run! Don't forget to check in and get your hand stamped!

3/9/15, What a gorgeous day for a run!  Also, we have another new discount to add just in time for tonight's run!  Kineo Fit is offering One Week FREE -and- 50% off first month's membership!  See you at tonight's run!

3/5/15, Here's a new addition to discounts for members- Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop is now offering 10% off your total purchase!  (excludes gift cards).  Thanks Rocket Fizz!

3/2/15, Today is our first run of March! Weather is supposed to be coming in later tonight, but I think it will be after our run!  Also, Daylight Savings Time is coming up this weekend- spring forward! (When will spring ever get here!)

2/23, Hi y'all! Sorry for the late post- we are still running tonight if anyone wants to brave the cold and snow!! Got any yack tracks?

2/16/15, Gonna be a cold one today! Put on your warm fuzzies for your run! It isChipotle Mexican Grill night- that'll help warm your insides!

2/9/15, Another beautiful Colorado day comin' at ya!  Check-in tonight at CRC at 6pm.

2/2/15, Great day for a run!  Join us tonight at The Colorado Running Company for check-in at 6pm.  While there, see what great running gear they have and take advantage of the discount they offer us!

1/25/15, It is a beautiful Colorado day already! Come run/jog/walk with us tonight- check in at The Colorado Running Company at 6pm.  Don't forget your headlamps or flashlights.

1/19/15, Tonight is Chipotle night!  Buy one burrito or bowl and get one FREE!  Thanks Chipotle!  See you at check-in at The Colorado Running Company at 6pm.

1/12/15, We had a great turn-out last Monday for the first run of 2015- glad to see so many getting back at it! We had 55 people come out! Something tells me that with today's weather, things may be just a bit different! Check-in still 6pm tonight at The Colorado Running Company!

1/5/15, Our first run of 2015!  The holidays are over... so what now?  Come run, walk, jog with us for the first time or again!  Check-in tonight at 6pm at The Colorado Running Company!  Saucony is coming to visit us tonight also- check out the latest Saucony shoes-

12/22/14,  It's almost Christmas!  But for now, it is a normal run for this evening.  Bundle up and come on out to The Colorado Running Company for check-in!
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