Run with me at UVC!

Save yourself some time at check-in,
CLICK HERE to download our release and waiver to bring with you on your first run.

Yada, Yada, Yada

Signing in
>  You gotta register and sign a release & waiver before you can run or walk. 
     A valid email address is suggested in case of cancellation and for member
     info.  Don't worry, we don't send out many emails! And will never sell or share
     your address either.
>  Checking in for each run is a must!  If you start your run early, stop by
    after to check in.  We keep track of stats and you want that free t-shirt
    after 10 runs, right?  Please write legibly so we know it's you!

Da rules
>  Share the trail - don't hog it, let other runners pass.
>  Well-mannered dogs are welcome, please pick up after them - no one wants
    to step in that!
>  Joggers and strollers are welcome.  The entire trail is paved.
>  Wear your UVC Running Club t-shirt!
>  Gotta wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight on dark winter nights -
    see and be seen!
>  Run, walk, jog and have fun!